5 Types of Car Detailing Packages You Need to Know

Do you know the difference between car detailing vs. car washing?

If you're the average driver, you might not care about the differences. A good car wash is all you want to keep your car looking nice.

But for the car enthusiast, understanding what more you can do for your car with a detailing service is important. There are a wide range of services--from basic detailing at most car dealerships to getting your car ready for a show.

Check out these five types of car detailing packages you should know.

1. Detail the Exterior

If you've ever had road paint or tar on your car, or if your car still wears the embedded bug guts from your last road trip, a full exterior car detail is what you need.

But what services should be included in good auto detailing packages?

Detailers take your car through a basic wash to loosen and remove major dirt and grime. These washes clean your car's surface, plus this knocks dirt from tires and the undercarriage.

Microfiber towels dry your car without leaving scratches or lint. Then, special attention from your detailer resolves problems that did not come off in the wash.

Professional car detailers use products like automotive clay bars to remove bugs and tar from the top layer of paint. Small brushes clear debris from small nooks and crannies around door handles and grills.

Cars are polished and waxed to buff out any swirls and protect from the elements.

For good auto detailing packages, you'll spend anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred dollars. But your car will never look better afterward.

2. Paint Corrections

If your car exterior shows imperfections beyond what can be cleaned by exterior detailing, consider a paint correction detail.

The reality is, most cars arrived from the factory with minor paint imperfections. The naked eye or the everyday driver won't notice these tiny marks.

But when driving a high-end car or preparing your car for a show, every little scratch makes a difference.

Beyond the buff and wax included with most exterior car cleaning packages, a trained craftsman locates and removes deeper swirls and micro-scratches through machine polishing.

You might not find these professionals at your neighborhood car detailer. Shop around for the best craftsman in your area and expect to pay a few thousand dollars for this level of detailing.

3. Don't Forget the Interior

Even with a basic car detailing package, you can't get away with a pristine car exterior while the interior stays littered with fast food leftovers, cereal crumbs, and dog hair.

If you're springing for an exterior detail, go for the full interior detail, too.

These services vacuum the inside of your car, then shampoo the upholstery and carpets. If your car has leather or vinyl interior, detailers scrub and condition these surfaces.

Not sure where that smell has been coming from? Interior detail packages leave nothing untouched. This is the best way to get that wet dog or dirty feet smell out of your car.

Detailing the interior adds more expense to your full car service but it's worth paying a little extra for a fresh clean interior.

4. Restore and Show Off

Car enthusiasts with old or classic cars love showing them off at local car clubs. Or maybe you've got a rare find that you've restored and it's time to prep it for auction.

Whether it's a local auction or something bigger like Mecum auctions, you'll need a higher level of detailing to get top dollar for your classic car.

Restoring a former hunk-of-junk to showroom condition can take weeks and requires a specialist for your car model and age.

This type of service and attention to detail costs thousands of dollars. But it's worth the investment to show these priceless autos at their best.

Every detail counts.

5. Dress it Up

Car detailing services also include a little more creativity.

Beyond making your car shine through detailing services, wraps and graphics add extra layers of protection and make your car one of a kind.

Car Bra

You've probably seen black car bras on a front bumper. Applying a car bra to your car helps protect the paint on your bumper. Clear is a great option to blend in with your car's color.

Be sure to select a professional with experience in car bra application. A poor installation will degrade over time. The clear car bra becomes discolored, chipped, or scratched.

Vinyl Graphics

Feeling more adventurous? Need to advertise a business on your car?

Detailing services include more than cleaning. Aftermarket vinyl graphics add graphic design, text, or patterns to your car.

Choose a company that includes graphic design for a seamless one-stop process. Or design your own, then choose a professional to create and apply the vinyl.

Vinyl wraps come in a variety of finishes. Costs vary based on your choices.

If you DIY and purchase your own supplies and vinyl to do everything yourself, you might save money. But this is a tedious project to take on.

You'll spend more to have a professional do it, but you'll save time and a headache making your car stand out from the fleet.

Car Detailing Packages For Any Need

With such a wide variety of car detailing packages, it can be overwhelming to know what you want or where to start.

Research is key to finding the best auto detailing package and professionals to take care of a basic exterior, interior, or full car detail. And it takes time to take your car in for these services.

When choosing your detailers, consider a mobile service. They come to you and take care of your car while you work or play. It's less hassle to make your car look like new.

We offer a wide range of detailing services. These include exterior and interior detailing, vinyl wrap design, paint corrections, and coatings.

Contact us for an estimate! We'd love to show you what we can do for your car.