Painting vs. Wrapping a Car: Which One Do You Need?

Do you need to improve the appearance of your car? Your car goes through more turmoil than you expect.

Those little kids playing in your neighborhood can easily scratch your car. Weather and other conditions can also dull your paint.

Car owners have two methods to choose from: painting and wrapping. We all know what painting is, but what about wrapping? This is when sheets of vinyl are placed over your car.

Which method do you need? Here are the differences between painting and wrapping a car.

Wrapping a Car

First, let's cover wrapping a car. Wrapping a car can hide all of the scratches and other imperfections. You can also drastically change your car's appearance, changing its color entirely.

Wraps were first commonly used by commercial vehicles. The wrap is an inexpensive and effective way to give a vehicle a custom paint job, complete with company logos and slogans.

Today, casual drivers use these benefits toward their own car.

But if all you want to do is cover a few scratches, wrapping may not be the best option. Continue reading and know when you should wrap a car.

You're Upgrading a Business Vehicle

The best option when wrapping a car is upgrading or altering a business vehicle. Wrapping is most famously used with racecars. These cars change colors frequently and gain new sponsors. Wrapping is the easiest solution.

And it's also an easy solution with commercial vehicles. Wrapping keeps your commercial vehicle looking fresh, updated, and prevents a dull and scratched appearance.

Updating Small Sections

Let's say your car looks great, except there's a big scratch on your passenger door. Should you fully repaint your car? Or wrap it? In this situation, wrapping makes more sense.

Wrapping is typically more expensive than painting, but painting over one area may also require a full paint job for an even appearance. Wrapping a small section will end up saving you money.

Fix Bad Paint

There's a difference between covering up a few scratches and fixing a car's paint entirely. Maybe there's nothing wrong with your car's paint, but you still want to change it. In this situation, wrapping makes more sense.

Wrapping is an easy solution to redo your car's appearance. Wraps aren't permanent. You can get a wrap in a new color and then peel off the wrap if you want to restore the car back to its original appearance.

You Don't Want to Alter the Resale Value

Everyone wants their car to be worth more than what they paid for. This is why many car owners get a full paint job before they sell their car. But depending on the new and old color and the state of the car, the resale value may decrease.

If you want to play it safe and keep the car in its original condition when you sell it, a wrap is the better option. The car can be the color you want while you own it, and then you peel off the wrap when you're ready to sell it.

Painting a Car

Like wrapping a car, painting a car is expensive and time-consuming. Unlike a wrap, paint is permanent. But paint offers more benefits when reconstructing a car, such as covering up scratches and fixing a dull color.

Continue reading and discover why you'll need to paint your car.

DIY Options

Have you ever tried to wrap a car yourself? Good, don't. Car wraps are expensive to create and requires tedious work to adhere them, which should always be done by a professional.

While DIY painting is also discouraged, it's a solution if you want to cover up one scratch.

But you should never try and repaint your whole car yourself. Always take your car into a professional if you want a full updated paint job.

You Can Find the Original Color

No one wants to cover a scratch, only to realize the color they used is a few shades darker than the rest of the car. Another reason to get your car professionally painted is you can easily find the car's original color.

Auto colors are very specific. A professional painter will have the car's original color in their catalog and can give your car a fresh coat of paint.

Better Application

Painting a car is tedious. You'll get the best results with a professional. Wraps and even DIY paint may not result in the best application. The textures may still be uneven and can even become more noticeable.

A professional painter paints a car in the best environment. They use the best paint and the most professional materials.

Even the drying process can be tedious; the smallest particle of dust could ruin a new paint job. That's why a professional painter has a system in place so your car comes out as fresh as ever.

Your Car Will Look Amazing

Every car owner can appreciate a beautiful car. A fresh coat of paint can make the world of a difference. Even if your car has no scratches, the paint wears off and becomes dull.

Paint can cover up any imperfections and will make your car look brand new.

And if your car does have scratches? Paint will cover them up. The paint will seep into the scratches, covering up their appearance and smoothing out the surface.

Will You Wrap or Paint Your Car?

As you drive your car, your paint will scratch and wear off. If you know you need an updated paint job, you probably debated between painting and wrapping a car.

Painting is best if you need to correct your car and wrapping is best for a full color or appearance change.

Both methods are beneficial but certain jobs call for a certain method.

Regardless of what you choose, you should always go to a professional. A professional shop is the only place where you can get the results you want.

If you're in Chatsworth, California, we offer vinyl car wrapping and full paint correction services. Email or call us today.

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