What To Know About Car Paint Care

Maybe you have been in a small accident or fender-bender and needed some repairs done. Or, you just bought a used car and want to jazz it up a bit with a new paint job.

Regardless of your reason, a new paint job can breathe life back into your old car and make it and you look a lot better. Feeling pretty good about your car's new paint job. Looks pretty good, so you will want to take proper care of it.

There are some easy methods of car paint care to extend the life and looks of the new paint. Here are some helpful tips for you and your new paint job to live a long, happy life.

Car Paint Care

Whether you plan on splashing the cash for a full service or just need a few hints to stay within your budget, here are a few ways that can help.


Park your car and its new paint in a covered car park or garage. This will help keep it away from the elements. Snow, rain, hail, and sun can all damage your new paint.

Bird droppings and sap or other juices from trees and leaves can also cause damage and stain the finish. If you have to park under a tree or on the street, consider covering it with a tarp.

If you need to leave your car parked for extended periods of time, consider renting a covered space, a spot in a friend's garage or in an underground parking space. The cost of a safe, covered parking space is well worth the cost saved in repainting the car.

Keep it Clean

Regular cleaning of your car is the best car paint care method and the least expensive. Tar, grease, dirt, and other debris that can stick to your car can also damage and eat away at the paint.

Regular cleanings of the car, inside and out, will help maintain the new paint and stop the potential damage. Small chips can cause rust and corrosion. Keep the road where it belongs. Under your tires.

Keep in mind, too, that the power washers and automatic drive-thru car washes can actually cause damage. A soft cloth and your own bucket of water will do nicely.

There are certain detergents that can cause damage and actually break down the paint, so you need to be aware that all soap is not going to work. Also, always rinse the car completely, to remove the soap residue.

Spot Corrections

If you receive a dent or a ding or get a few spots of damage from rocks, you can have that repaired without having to have the whole car painted. The small spots or scratches can be repaired to keep the car looking great and stop the chance of rust starting.

If you are confident in your skills, this can be DIY, but you are better off to consult a professional. You don't want to mess it up and make it worse, which will end up being more expensive.

Unless, of course, you won the car off your buddy in a poker game, then dress it up any way you like. Paint it will house paint and drive it into the ground. That'll learn 'im.

Get Coating

There are different types of coating available. Plus, you can opt for the whole car or just the front.

Ceramic coating

This is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to cover and protect the car paint. it needs very little maintenance and will extend the life of your new paint job. It will last a long time and not break down with normal washings, the sun or rain and makes the paint shine.

Paint Protection Film

You may find this referred to as clear film, clear paint film, and a clear bra. The bottom line here is that the film keeps your paint looking better, longer. This film works to protect your car's paint in a few ways.

It has a high tolerance for the small irritations of road life. The impact resistance keeps it safer from rocks, scratches and the small dings in life, like the guy who parked too close to you and bashed your door with his.

It also has the ability to protect against the other irritants, like the sun's damage, bird droppings and other things that can stain or cause discoloration to the finish. Less chance fading, chips and stains.

It will also bounce back to its original shape if it does get some superficial scratches or dents. The top layer of the film coating will absorb the damage and allow the surface to its natural, smooth state.

Fun Car Paint Facts

There are some misconceptions about car color that are always flying around, here are a few.

Red cars get pulled over more often:

Not so. The car that gets pulled over the most is the one being driven by an idiot who doesn't follow the simple rules.

White and silver cars are involved in fewer accidents:

True dat. People can see them coming

Paint color can deter a thief:

Right again, my friend. Who would steal a car that is bright pink?

Blue mean stability:

Yes, so it seems. It means you are truthful, stable and calm. It's also the chosen color for mosquitos. Yes, it is.

Flames painted on the side make your car go faster:

Dude, if you even have to ask...

Just Drive

Regardless of the color or reason you have the new paint job, it wasn't cheap. Car paint care is just smart care. You want that paint job not only to look good but to protect your car, as well.

There are several methods available but you should contact a professional, and be sure to check them out before you commit. There are some that may actually do more damage than help.

Take care of your car and its paint, for a long happy life. taking good care of your car can say a lot about the person driving it.

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