Detailing Services

Base washes starting @ $40

This Includes a wash with optimum no rinse. Cleaning of outside glass finished with cleaning and shining of wheels and tires.


Coatings start @ $600

All coatings offered are made by optimum polymer products.
We offer an entry level coating that does not come with a warranty. This coating is a 2 year
coating if maintained properly.
We also offer warranty style coatings.
5 year and a 7 year.
The best part about going with Opti coatings is we provide you we training in proper care. Plus,
if you enjoy washing your car we have products for sale that are. Specifically designed to help
keep your coating working and protecting as it should. For the years to come.
We provide coatings for all surfaces.
For more coating info please contact us.


Paint corrections

Estimates only include a exterior detail. As each painted car varies in technique and level of care. These are by in person estimate only.
A paint correction can be a simple one step with removal of light swirls and finished off with Opti seal.
Or depending on the clarity you would like to achieve we have the ability to also do 2 step and 3step paint corrections.

Exterior detail starting @ $175

This detail starts of with a rinseless wash with Opti no rinse. The following the wash we take
Opti spray wax and Opti’s clay towel to provide you with a baby smooth decontaminated car.
Then to seal all painted surfaces we use Opti seal. This sealant unlike wax can’t be washed
away. With this it insures a longer lasting sealed surface. Once the car is all washed,
decontaminated and sealed we can clean and shine wheels and tires. Now the final touch using
optimum glass clean and protect we spray lightly scrub and squeegee way the grime leaving
your window crystal clear streak free and protected.
(This does not include engine bays.)


Interior detail starting @ $175

This Includes an in depth vacuuming of seats and all carpet. An in depth cleaning and protecting
of all Panels and leather surfaces with optimum products. Instead of saturating your carpet we
use steam to remove stains. Also, sanitizing your carpet and finished with a misting of a fabric
protector to provide you a longer lasting clean look. To finish it all off we use a glass cleaner and
squeegee to insure crystal clear glass.


Complete interior & exterior details start @ $300

These include all steps in the interior and exterior details. This also excludes engine bay