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The foundation of any quality wrap is the prep. We perform a complete top down inspection of the car and determine the appropriate detail process to ensure every surface is ideal for the install. We then disassemble what is necessary to achieve your vision including but not limited to bumpers, headlights, taillights, door handles, roof racks, trim, emblems, the list goes on! This ensures proper coverage and installation. If you have OEM paint most films come with warranties that protect against fading, cracking, yellowing, and up to five years removability protecting your paint. Like anything, proper maintenance is recommended for life expectancy of five or more years and we offer comprehensive services and products to help you find only the best option at the best price. Pricing and time to completion is all vehicle and customer vision specific. Every surface is unique and we like to achieve the highest level of accuracy in determining the scope of any project. Please visit our quote page if you would like more information regarding any particular wrap project.

What you get:

  • Amazing customization options simply not possible with paint at a fraction of the cost
  • The easiest and hassle free way to customize the exterior of your car
  • It’s not permanent unless you want it to be!
  • Easy to clean


What you should expect:

  • 5 year warranty for removability if you have factory paint*
  • The easiest and hassle free way to customize the exterior of your car
  • 3-5 days average time for completion
  • Rush jobs available
  • To love your car when it’s done!


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