Wrap Care

How to care for your Justawrapped car

  1. No wax! Ceramic products or specific wrap care products ONLY!

    • Wax will create splotches in the wrap once it soaks into the wrap and those splotches will not go away. Only solution would be to rewrap the panel which means you can make a costly mistake!

  2. PH balance soap, ceramic wash soap, or specific wrap care soap

    • PH balanced soaps are safest for wraps and ceramic coats are not harmful for wrap care.

    • Ceramic wash soaps are great being that it will reinforce your wrap or ceramic coat with an extra slight layer to give that extra protection if you opted for the ceramic coat.



    • Car washes are very harmful to wrap and use strong chemical soaps which can easily damage the top layer of the wrap and ruin it! This means NO TOUCHLESS CAR WASHES also! If you don’t like washing your own your car or have enough time for it then Justawrap has a detailer on hand so feel free to contact for help with maintenance care.

  4. Microfiber mitts ONLY when washing

    • Be gentle when washing! Not so abrasive! Microfiber mitts will be safest when washing your car and make sure it is clean and hasn’t been dropped on the ground or hasn’t picked up too much contamination.

    • VINYL SELF HEALS! (To a certain extent) Small swirls and little microscratches will self heal in the sun and heat after a wash so just let it bake out in the sun and let the car get a bit hot for a few hours or even a day or two and you’ll see those microscratches disappear!

  5. Other information

    • Everything on wrap comes off pretty easy. Most things that land on top of wraps will come off easily. Make sure to tend to it so that you don’t get things stuck in your wrap and not to leave certain things on the wrap for too long otherwise etching may happen (i.e. bird droppings).


    • Keep up with maintenance for best longevity of the film

Lastly, enjoy your new car! The wrap changes everything! We hope you love it just as much as we do! Thank you for your support and any additional questions or concerns please contact back! :) Leave us a google review!